Certified Production Technician

Manufacturing Lab EquipmentThe purpose of the Certified Production Technician (CPT) program is to recognize through the certification, individuals who demonstrate mastery of the core competencies of manufacturing production through successful completion of the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) certification assessments. The goal of the CPT certification program is to train entry level production workers and/or raise the level of performance of current production workers to assist in finding higher-wage jobs. Certification credential employees provide their employers the skills and knowledge to increase the company’s productivity and competitiveness. At the conclusion of each of the MSSC modules, the student will qualify to sit for the on-line MSSC certified assessment exam.

The MSSC-CPT courses (MFG 101 - 104) are available online allowing the student to prepare for the MSSC assessments completely online.

MSSC assessments are taken at JWCC or any authorized MSSC testing center.