1990 to 1999

JWCC history 1990-1999

Fall 1990- Pittsfield Education Center moved to its present location, 1308 West Washington.

1991- JWCC began establishing a broad range of autonomous curricular programs to phase out the “common market” operation.

1991- General education and liberal arts faculty were added in order for the College to provide its own comprehensive baccalaureate transfer curriculum.

1991- Board of Trustees approved Trail Blazers as the College’s athletic team name/mascot.

1991- JWCC fielded its first intercollegiate athletic teams during the 1991-1992 academic year.

1996- College acquired 154 acres from the Deters family for the current site of the Quincy campus at 48th and Harrison.

1996- JWCC and Dot Foods entered into an agreement to offer a variety of classes at the Mt. Sterling Learning Center.

November 1996- Groundbreaking for the JWCC Science and Technology Center.

January 1998- Science and Technology Center opened. First building on the new Quincy campus.