2000 to 2009

JWCC history 2000-2009

December 2001- JWCC programs and services located at 48th and Maine campus in Quincy were moved into the Learning Center and Student Administrative Center

January 2002- Learning Center and Student/Administrative Center opened on the new campus.

Fall 2004- Paul Heath Community Education and Fine Arts Center (named in honor of the College’s founding president) completed the College’s long-range plan of a four-building core campus.

2004- JWCC Celebrates its 30th Anniversary.

2006- Student Activity Center opened. The SAC includes a gym that can seat 1,800 plus a weight room, classroom, locker rooms and a team training room. The site also includes a baseball field, softball field and additional parking.

May 2007- JWCC 32nd commencement ceremony was held in the Student Activity Center. JWCC first ever commencement held on its own campus.

2009- JWCC 35th Anniversary and first Founder’s Day Celebration.

2009- Workforce Development Center opens at 4220 Kochs Lane.