PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS  JW Cooperates with University of Illinois

28 Semester Hours



AGR 150 Ag/Consumer Related Occup I


AGR 202 Introduction to Animal Science OR

AGR 204 Intro to Crop Science



AGR Mechanics Elective** 2
FYE 101 Blazing Your Trail 1
Approved Elective* 2-4
Approved Elective* 2-4
Approved Elective* 1-4
      Total 13-18


AGR 175 Computer Appl in Agribusiness 3
AGR 189 Agriculture Finance & Records 3
Approved Elective* (choose one 3 or 4 cr. hr. course) 3-4
Approved Elective* 2-4
      Total 11-14


AGR 199 Occupational Internship I 4


*Approved Electives: Any courses with the AGR or VET prefix are recommended for certificate completion. Communication skills and math courses are acceptable, and encouraged, as electives for students intending to complete the certificate.

**AGR Mechanics Electives: AGR 171-Intro to Electricity, AGR 172-Intro to Welding, AGR 173-Advanced Welding