Any AS degree-seeking student declaring an area of concentration in agriculture must take a minimum of 12 credit hours from the courses listed below:

AGR 150 Agriculture/Consumer Related Occupations 1
AGR 200 Introduction to Animal Science 4
AGR 202 Introduction to Soil Science 4
AGR 203 Agricultural Economics for Consumers 3
AGR 204 Principles of Crop Science 4


Check out our general suggested model for the AA / AS / AFA degree for a full-time student. The minimum total number of credit hours required for the AA, AS or AFA degree is 64.

A sample schedule is shown below:

Fall Semester, Year One (Example Only)

AGR 200 (Intro to Soil Science +lab) 4
ENG 101 (College English requirement) 3
BIO 101 (Natural Science elective requirement) 4
MAT 113 (College math requirement) 3
PHL 121 (Humanities elective requirement)   3
      Total 17