Program Requirements

Students planning to major in art may choose from several areas of study. Those pursuing a career in art education should follow the associate in arts (AA) degree curriculum.  Those interested in pursuing professional/fine art may major in studio art with courses completed for transfer credit into a professional art program. Graphic Design is a popular option, this is an AAS degree. The program of study at JWCC provides a solid foundation that prepares a student for several opportunities. These areas range from appreciation to developing the knowledge and technical application skills inherent in drawing and design and necessary cognitive visual theory for fundamental artistic development.

Area of Concentration Courses

Any student declaring an Area of Concentration must take all courses from the list below.

ART 100 Drawing I: Fundamentals 3
ART 121 Drawing II 3
ART 126 2-D Design and Color 3
ART 240 Painting I 3

General Education AA/AS Degree

Click here for a general suggested model for the AA/AS degree for a full-time student. The minimum total number of credit hours required for the AA, AS or AAS degree is 64.