The AAS is Business Leadership degree is designed to provide students with the practical skills and knowledge for success in supervisory- and management-level positions.  Emphasis is placed on technical knowledge, interpersonal relationships, and supervision.

The path and pace of earning additional college credit are largely up to you and your goals.

  • Classes are offered in various settings with excellent support for first-time and working students.
  • Self-paced, on-line and traditional courses are features of the program.
  • JWCC has convenient locations in Quincy, Pittsfield, Perry and Mt. Sterling.

Begin by working toward a certificate, then move on to an Associate in Applied Science in business leadership.

After earning an associate degree, courses will transfer to WIU towards the completion of a  Board of Trustees Bachelor of Arts degree. Coursework may also transfer to other colleges  and universities.

NOTE: Only students who do not need additional coursework and who take the number of credits or courses as listed each semester can complete the program in the time given. Others will take longer to complete.