AS Transfer Degree

Chemists investigate the properties and composition of matter and the laws that govern the combination of elements. Chemists often specialize in one of the subfields of the vocation, including analytical, organic, inorganic and physical chemistry. The chemistry program of study at JWCC provides sufficient courses for the preparation of those students planning to engage in any of the subfields. The courses that are offered in this area are intended to develop an appreciation and understanding of the scientific method of inquiry. Further, the program is designed to give the student basic training for advanced or specialized work. This experience will be enhanced through interactive computer technology in the laboratory.

All of the courses at JWCC are taught by people who are focused upon teaching. There are no graduate assistants teaching; there are no classes held in lecture halls with 300 students trying to hear a professor who uses a microphone and is never available after class. The faculty make themselves available to the students before and after class.