Culinary Arts


Ron Frillman"The John Wood program gives students a solid foundation and great experiences. Serving as an internship site is a crucial part of the program, and I’m happy to have us fill that role. I've supervised interns and we've hired several graduates of the program, and we've been very pleased. This education will definitely help someone move up faster."

Ron Frillman, General Manager
Panera Bread, Quincy


The Culinary Arts Certificate prepares the student to work in a variety of food service establishments as kitchen supervisors or experienced cooks. Cooks are responsible for preparing meals that are pleasing to the customer. The cook frequently is responsible for the reputation of a restaurant. Some cooks are prepared to offer a varied menu featuring meals that are time consuming and difficult to prepare, while others may offer a simple, but varied menu. Cooks and chefs are educated to prepare a great variety of foods but may decide to specialize in one area such as pastries or meats. The job market is excellent and is expected to remain strong.


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