AA Transfer Degree

Economists are concerned with how to utilize scarce resources such as land, raw materials and human resources to provide goods and services for society. Economists analyze the relationship between the supply of goods and services on the one hand and demand for them on the other. Economists also examine how goods and services are produced, distributed and consumed. Some economists are concerned with specific fields such as farm, wage, tax, and tariff problems and policies. Others develop theories to explain the causes of employment and unemployment or inflation. Most economists analyze and interpret a wide variety of economic data in the course of their work.

Economists who work in colleges and universities teach the theories, principles, and methods of economics and conduct or direct research; they frequently write and act as consultants. Economists in government collect and analyze data and prepare studies to assess economic conditions and the need for changes in government policy.  Economists who work for business firms provide management with information to make decisions on marketing and pricing of company products, the effect of government policies on business and international trade, or the advisability of business.

Students completing the transfer program in economics at John Wood Community College typically choose to attend a four-year college or university to complete their bachelor’s degree and possibly pursue advanced degrees. For more information, contact a JWCC advisor.