Electrical TechnologyJohn Wood Community College offers a two-semester certificate and a four-semester Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in electrical technology.  The AAS in Electrical Technology prepares graduates to enter the job market as either residential, commercial or industrial electricians.  Employment opportunities are not limited to a particular type of business or industry as most all companies require electrical service maintenance. The program is extensively hands-on and provides opportunities for work-based training.
The Electrician Certificate program is designed for students who are interested in acquiring basic skills for immediate entry into the job market.  Because of the scheduling of courses, it is possible for students to maintain employment while attending classes.  Classes are also paced to allow the student to make a smooth transition into college-level study.  The successful certificate graduate has the option of entering the workplace or continuing with the pursuit of the AAS degree in electrical technology.
Both programs emphasize hands-on training and include classes in AC and DC circuitry, math, residential electricity and safety.  The degree program includes such courses as blueprint reading, communications, commercial electricity, industrial electricity and specialized electrical circuits.