Program Outline

Define purpose of class
Explain sign-in procedure
(10 minutes)

Demonstrate proper hand-washing procedures for workers
Define RTE foods according to the Sanitation Code Book
Describe proper barriers between bare hands and RTE foods
Provide examples of focused training when bare hand contact is necessary
Describe proper use of single use gloves if they are utilized
(30 minutes)

View Serv Safe video on importance of good sanitation and what it is
Define cross-contamination, list examples and describe preventive measures
(25 minutes)

View Serv Safe videos on "Purchasing, Receiving, and Storing," and discuss methods to calibrate and use thermometers and receive and store correctly
View video, "Preparing, Cooking, and Serving."  Discuss video and define current time/temperature requirements according to Illinois Sanitation Code
(45 minutes)

Display copy of consumer advisory needed if raw/undercooked animal foods are served and list examples
Discuss specific language necessary for the consumer advisory and the placement of such advisory
(15 minutes)

View video, "Cleaning and Sanitizing."  Discuss methods to clean and sanitize by immersion and in place
Define common problems which may occur by using either method
(35 minutes)

Discuss food and problems associated with recent outbreaks in Illinois
(20 minutes)

Take the hand washing challenge!
(15 minutes)

Define Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System
View video on HACCP and discuss application of principles in food service
(20 minutes)

Take the food safety challenge!
(50 minutes)

Accept and answer questions
(15 minutes)

Complete required documentation to acknowledge continuing education credit
(15 minutes)