Careers and Employment

Some job opportunities include working in restaurants, hotels, resorts, cruise ships, military food service, hospitals, schools, theme parks, supermarkets and airports. The possibilities are endless!

Professional Cooking II ClassIn addition to chef, some job titles are saucier, chef de partie, corporate chef, specialist chef, executive sous-chef, sous-chef, head chef, chef de cuisine, pastry chef, and garde manger. Cooks can be referred to as dietary cook, short order cook, hospital cook, first cook, journeyman/woman cook, grill cook, second cook, apprentice cook, or line cook.

The food service field encompasses the whole service sector.  World travel is often a perk of working in this industry.

The restaurant industry is the second largest private-sector employer in the country. It employs nearly 13 million people and expects to add another 1.3 million by 2020. Salaries are competitive with those of other management positions. Local employers generally pay between $9 and $13 per hour for entry-level managers or trainees, and most restaurant management positions are salaried, with bonuses and benefits. About 35 percent of restaurant managers in Illinois are self-employed.