1. Learn techniques in food preparation, cost control, management and marketing which are useful in any type of hospitality operation.
  2. Get on-the-job experience through paid internships.
  3. Receive nationally-recognized certificates through the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation's Manage First program.ManageFirst Logo
  4. Earn competitive wages and rapid advancement.
  5. Let your education help you find a job quickly in the industry, the nation's largest private-sector employer.

Julie Sonneborn - 2009 Graduate"I am 46 years old and five years ago, I was let go from a factory job I had worked at for twenty years. I was always interested in food, so when the opportunity came up to attend college, I decided to attend John Wood’s culinary arts program. I have always loved to cook and knew a great deal about home cooking (no measuring). Soon after the classes started, I learned that running a restaurant isn't all about cooking. I learned I needed to be not only a cook, but a manager, an accountant, and a banker. Running a restaurant business also requires ethics, legal knowledge, being a designer, and much more. I learned all the behind-the-scenes things at John Wood, and I also learned that in order to have consistency in your products, you really do need to measure! In college, I used many of the skills my grandma, mom, and dad taught me…they would be so impressed! The great teachers, my new friends, at John Wood taught me the book end of cooking. We are all scientists in the cooking field."

Julie Sonneborn
AAS, Restaurant Management, 2009
Owner, Delightfully Tasteful Bistro, Keokuk, IA