Locally GrownLocally grown is a program developed by the University of Illinois Extension with support from JWCC and other partner organizations to promote a sustainable local food system.  This program creates awareness and understanding between farmers and consumers encouraging a more sustainable food system.

More than 60 local food businesses and initiatives are included in the Locally Grown newsletter. The newsletter is intended to serve as a link between local food producers and local food consumers. Local food resources include farmers markets, fruits and vegetables, meat, eggs, butchers, lockers, organic foods, Christmas tree farms, baked goods, honey, syrup, CSAs, pumpkin patches and wineries. A PDF version of the locally grown newsletter can be found at Eat Fresh, Eat Local 2012


  • It tastes better – and can be better for you! Basket of vegetablesYou can eat local food the same day it is picked, so it is fresh and has a higher nutrient value than produce shipped long distances.  
  • When you buy food from farmer you trust, you know where it comes from and how it’s grown.
  • Local food supports your community's economy. When you buy local food, you vote with your food dollar. There’s never been a more critical time to support your farming neighbors. With each local food purchase, you ensure that more of your money spent on food goes to the farmer and stays in the community.

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