David Del Castillo - 2011 GraduateThis AAS degree is designed to prepare students for the modern manufacturing environment. This program will prepare students for employment with companies that have implemented team-oriented production as well as quality and maintenance systems within the manufacturing environment. American manufacturers are increasingly using high-tech equipment that involves multiple integrated systems. It is critical that these companies be able to recruit and employ individuals who know how to operate, troubleshoot and maintain this high-tech equipment. For this program, students will take a series of required courses and then select two specialized programs of study to complete their degree.

“My family’s future...that’s what I thought of when I became one of the first students in John Wood’s manufacturing technology program. I needed to expand my skills and earn a degree so I could become a more valuable employee. That’s exactly what happened, and I’m grateful to the instructors and my family who made it all work. Opportunities are endless with the programs at John Wood. You can do the same, all while working and raising your family.”

David Del Castillo
AAS, Manufacturing Technology, 2011
Knapheide Manufacturing Company