AS Transfer Degree

Mathematicians today are engaged in a wide variety of activities ranging from the creation of new theories to the translation of scientific and managerial problems into mathematical terms. Generally, there are two broad classes of mathematical work:  pure mathematics and applied mathematics. The pure mathematicians advance science by developing new principles and new relationships existing between principles of mathematics. Mathematicians in applied work use mathematics to develop theories, techniques and approaches to solve problems in natural and social science.

The JWCC program of study satisfies the demands and competence of both of these areas by providing the student with a comprehensive course selection. In addition, this curriculum provides the background needed to pursue training in the high technology fields of computer science and engineering. A mathematics major, combined with another major, can open career opportunities in business and industry or areas within education.


"Taking the first two semesters of calculus at John Wood Community College allowed me to jump right into the physics and mathematics programs at Western Illinois University. I was easily able to integrate myself into the classes. From there I continued to get my bachelor's degree in physics and my minor in mathematics."

Joe Wiewel, 06 AS Mathematics
WIU Graduate with his BA and then MA