Required Courses

OFT 281 Medical Terminology 3
OFT 282 Medical Transcription 3
OFT 283 Pharmacology for the Medical Office 2
OFT 284 Medical Coding-ICD 2
OFT 285 Medical Coding-CPT 2
OFT 286 Patient Billing 3
Approved Technical Electives* 1
      Total 16


*Choose one of the following approved technical electives: CSC 125-Introduction to Desktop Publishing (Publisher), CSC 180-Voice Recognition (Dragon Naturally Speaking), CSC 190-Portable Document Format (Adobe Acrobat), OFT 101-Beginning Keyboarding, OFT 102-Keyboarding I, OFT 165-Alphabetic Filing, OFT 211-Keyboarding Speed and Accuracy