Associate of Fine Arts

The Associate of Fine Arts degree is designed to provide a smooth transition to a four-year baccalaureate music degree program.  Students may be required to demonstrate skill level through audition and/or placement exams at the transfer institutions.  AFA students may also need to complete some general education requirements at the transfer colleges.


Music classes included in the AFA degree:

MUS 131 – Music Theory/Ear Training I
MUS 132 – Music Theory/Ear Training II
MUS 213 – Music Theory/Ear Training III
MUS 214 – Music Theory/Ear Training IV
MUS 188 – Class Piano I
MUS 189 – Class Piano II
MUS 288 – Class Piano III
MUS 289 – Class Piano IV
MUS 121 – Intro to Music Literature
Four semesters each of:
    Applied lessons in your major instrument
    Ensemble activities (Choir or Jazz Band)