Program Requirements

NOTE: Only students who do not need additional coursework and who take the number of credits or courses as listed each semester can complete the program in the time given. Others will take longer to complete.

Specialty Courses

BIO 275 Anatomy & Physiology I 4
BIO 276 Anatomy & Physiology II 4
OFT 281 Medical Terminology 3
      Total 11


General Education

CMN 101 Intro to Speech I  OR

CMN 104 Interpersonal Communication



CSC 100 Computer Literacy 1
ENG 101 Rhetoric & Comp I 3
ENG 102 Rhetoric & Comp II 3
FYE 101 Blazing Your Trail 1

MAt 109 Elementary Statistics OR

MAT 113 College Algebra (preferred)



PSY 101 Intro to Psychology


      Total 17


Credits from Blessing School of Radiologic Technology 37


Total Required for Degree (Minimum) 65


Radiologic Technology Courses (Blessing School of Radiologic Technology)

First Semester

Intro to Radiography
Methods of Patient Care I
Radiation Protection
Image Analysis I
Radiographic Procedures I
Clinical I


Second Semester

Radiographic Exposure I
Methods of Patient Care II
Imaging Equipment
Image Analysis II
Radiographic Procedures II
Clinical II

Third Semester

Physics for Radiographic Science I
Radiographic Exposure II
Radiographic Pathology I
Image Analysis III
Radiographic Procedures III
Clinical III

Fourth Semester

Physics for Radiographic Science II
Radiation Biology
Radiographic Pathology II
Image Analysis IV
Radiographic Registry Review
Clinical IV