Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is about getting goods, services, and people where they need to be, when they need to be there, and in the right quantity. It is how businesses set themselves apart from their competition by increasing productivity and quality while reducing costs. Supply Chain/Logistics encompasses numerous industries including warehousing, distribution, transportation, manufacturing, and construction. As the process of supply chain management becomes more sophisticated and dependent on skilled employees, leaders, and emerging technology, this area of study will assist in preparing professionals for this exciting field.

Students completing the transfer program (AS) in supply chain management typically go on to a four-year university or college to complete a bachelor’s program.
Students completing an Associate in Science can also enjoy opportunities with numerous manufacturing and logistics-based companies throughout the region, country and the world.

A 2 + 2 agreement between JWCC and Western Illinois University provides seamless transfer for students who begin at JWCC and transfer to WIU’s Supply Chain
Management bachelor’s degree program.