Physical Standards

Students entering the surgical technology curriculum must be able to demonstrate the following physical standards:

 1.         Strength and Flexibility – Student must:

  • Be able to stand, bend, and stoop, sit and walk without assistive devices within a confined area for prolonged periods of time, up to 4 to 7 hours.
  • Be able to function without nourishment or medication for an extended period of time.
  • Be able to lift, move, position and manipulate a patient who is unconscious; may be required to independently lift 26-50 pounds.

 2.          Manual Dexterity - Student must:

  • Demonstrate threading a needle with either hand, manipulate instruments, supplies, and equipment with speed, dexterity, and good eye-hand coordination.

 3.          Vision – Student must:

  • Requires 20/20 corrected vision.
  • Requires normal color discrimination.

 4.          Hearing – Student must:

  • Hear and understand muffled communication.
  • Hear normal speaking at 3 feet.

 5.          Other Standards – Student must:

  • Have the ability to remain alert and conscious at all times.
  • Have the ability to smell.
  • Have the ability to adapt to temperature variations.
  • Tolerate moderate x-ray exposure.