Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI)

Dot Foods, Inc.Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI) is increasing scholarship funds for students who train at John Wood Community College to become OTR drivers.

Prospective truck drivers may now each receive a $3,000 scholarship and be guaranteed a position with DTI upon successful graduation from the program and achieving the licensing requirements to legally operate a tractor/trailer.

JWCC’s eight-week truck driver training program typically costs $4,283. If the scholarship recipient remains employed with DTI for more than three years, the company will reimburse the rest of the cost of their training, not covered by the scholarship.

Scholarship candidates need to meet JWCC’s eligibility requirements for the program.

“The national driver shortage is a major challenge for DTI and other companies in our area. We are always looking for qualified drivers to join our team, and we hope increasing the amount of the scholarship will encourage more people to take advantage of this opportunity to receive the necessary training to launch what can be an incredibly profitable and fulfilling career.”

Pat Stendback
Corporate Driver Recruiting Manager

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