WLD 155 Basic Welding Lab
4 credit hours
The setting up and use of arc welding and oxyacetylene welding equipment, with safety emphasized. Basic techniques such as striking an arc, lighting torch equipment, acetylene cutting, heat measurement and rod movement are practiced.
WLD 160 Welding Symbols & Blueprint Reading 
2 credit hours
Theory of the important area of welding symbols and the reading of welding blueprints that are required of the welder. An overall coverage of shop safety is included.
WLD 181 TIG & MIG Welding
4 credit hours
Prerequisite: WLD 155 and WLD 160

Covers the essential theory knowledge involved in the tungsten-inert gas welding process and the metal-inert gas process, with emphasis on the reactions on nonferrous metals to the processes, safety considerations and equipment construction. Welding Math explores the math needed by today’s professional welder, including measurements, tolerances and metrics.
WLD 185 Commercial Welding Lab
4 credit hours
Prerequisite: WLD 181

Lab course assisting the advanced welding student in becoming a knowledgeable, employable welder. Arc welding, oxyacetylene welding, TIG, MIG, cost and waste control and safety are covered.
SAF 110 Occupational Health and Safety
2 credit hours
A basic investigation of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, OSHA regulations, industrial noise, machine guarding, electrical safety, Worker’s Compensation Law, environmental protection, supervisory liability, and safety precautions particular to the workplace environment.