Frequently Asked Questions about Dual Credit

Why take a dual credit class?
Taking a JWCC dual credit class can increase the range of course options for a high school student, smooth the transition from high school to college, allow high school students a chance to explore career and college options, and can shorten the path to a degree or career.
How do I know if my high school participates in the JWCC dual credit program?
All high schools in the JWCC district have agreements with JWCC to deliver dual credit classes.  Some high schools offer more classes than others.
How do I know what classes are available at my high school?
Please contact your high school counselor, not all classes are available at all high schools in the JWCC district.
Are dual credit classes easier than the same class on campus?
Dual credit classes mirror their campus counterparts in every way.  The instructors have the same teaching credentials, the courses follow the same syllabi, and in most cases the same textbook is used.
Do JWCC dual credit courses transfer to other institutions?
YES!  However, students who plan to attend a college other than JWCC, especially private or out of state schools, may make an appointment with a JWCC Advisor to insure that the credits transfer smoothly to the student’s intended major.  Call 217.641.4355 to set up an appointment.
How do I inform other colleges and universities of my JWCC college credit?
Dual credit courses are JWCC courses and will appear on your JWCC permanent record or transcript.  You may request that an official transcript be sent to the institution of your choice by contacting JWCC Enrollment Services at 217.641.4329.
How much do dual credit classes cost?
Students taking dual credit classes pay current JWCC in-district tuition.
Is there any financial assistance to help cover the cost of dual credit classes?
For those meeting the financial guidelines of the WIA program, there is tuition and textbook assistance.  Students will be given information on the WIA program during dual credit enrollment sessions. This program is the only financial assistance available.
May I take JWCC courses other than those in the dual credit program while I am in high school?
You may, please contact your high school counselor first for permission and a letter of approval and then JWCC admissions.  Your high school may grant high school credit for these classes which are called dual enrollment rather than dual credit.
How do I know if I am eligible to take dual credit classes?
All JWCC district high school students are given the opportunity to come to campus to take the COMPASS placement test as high school juniors and seniors as a school group. Students may also take the COMPASS test individually with an appointment.  Placement on the COMPASS test or the ACT test will determine eligibility to take college level Math, English and Science classes.  Appropriate COMPASS or ACT scores are needed for various other courses as well.  In addition to placement testing, high schools may have their own guidelines for inclusion into the program.