Literacy Services



Do you need help improving your reading or math skills, or need to learn English as a Second Language?

If you live in the JWCC district and are over the age of 16, you may enroll in the Literacy Services program. You will be matched with a trained volunteer tutor and will meet once a week at a time and place that is convenient for you. The program is free and confidential.

Requirements for Students:
• Over 16 years old
• Demonstrate a need for reading help
• Work one-on-one with a tutor
• Meet at your convenience
• Free and confidential
• Private tutoring site 

Volunteer Tutors

The goal of Literacy Services is to reduce adult illiteracy within the JWCC District by providing effective, non-threatening, and easily accessible literacy instruction and by building public awareness of the issue of adult illiteracy. Tutors may enroll in the program anytime during the year.

Literacy Services matches trained volunteers on a one-to-one basis with non-reading or low-level reading adults, and with adults who need to learn English as a Second Language. Direct literacy services are provided to Illinois adult students over the age of 16 who read below ninth grade level. The program is free to both tutors and students. Times and locations for tutoring are flexible. Privacy and confidentiality are assured as students proceed through lessons designed to help them meet their personal goals.

For more information on this program and how you can become a tutor contact:

Monica Foster
Manager of Adult Education
(217) 641-4962