Frequently Asked Questions

Must I attend regularly?

In any course, an important component of the learning process will be in the completion of exams and assignments and meeting with your instructor for feedback. If you are not actively participating in a course through taking tests and/or turning in assignments regularly, you are not attending!

If you are going to miss a scheduled time with your instructor, notify your instructor or call the Quincy Campus Open Learning office at 217.641.4527.

You will be dropped for non-attendance if you do not begin your course within the first 2 weeks in 16 week terms or during the first week in an 8 week term.

You may also be dropped if you do not show significant progress in your course by midterm, or if you fail to meet with your instructor/take tests/ turn in assignments for three consecutive weeks.

What are the time limits on OLC courses?
Open Learning courses must be completed in the term in which they are started. Fall and spring terms are 16 weeks long; the summer term is 8 weeks long. Incomplete grades (I) are not automatically given. If after meeting with your instructor and he/she agrees that you qualify for an incomplete grade (I), the school's incomplete policy applies.
How do I withdraw from an Open Learning course?

Withdraw from an Open Learning course by notifying your instructor or the Enrollment Services office. Similar to other JWCC course delivery methods, when you withdraw from a course, your transcript will show a W or WI, depending on when you drop.

Please note that withdrawal from an Open Learning course, like withdrawal from a classroom section or online section, is a change that can affect your financial aid, student status, or insurance eligibility. Please be aware that students may not be able to withdraw (W) or (WI) from a class after a specific date for that semester. Please be aware of that date.

May I change the schedule of my classes?
This aspect of Open Learning is very popular. If a conflict in your schedule develops, you may be able to change your course time to a more convenient Open Learning time. Call or stop by the Open Learning or Advising office and someone will help you change your schedule.
May I change sections from a Structured or Online course to Open Learning during a term?
Such changes can only be made during the drop/add period the first week of an 8 week term and during the first two weeks of a 16 week term.
How do I take my tests?

Some tests will be taken with your instructor or in your instructional area; others may be taken in the Open Learning testing room. In the testing room students are required to present a JWCC ID or driver's license each time a test is taken.

Tests may be paper or online. Tests are usually taken without any notes or open books. Students will be asked to turn off cell phones and leave these and all other personal items and course materials in the storage areas provided.

Students may also turn in assignments and papers to the testing room.

When may I take tests?

The Open Learning Testing Room in the Academic Support Center (Quincy) is open Monday through Thursday 8:00 a.m. through 8:30 p.m. and Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Always check posted times on the Library Web Page  to be sure. No appointments are necessary.

Open Learning testing at Pittsfield, and Mt Sterling may follow a different schedule, please contact those sites for complete information.

What are the hours of Open Learning Instruction?
Open Learning instruction typically takes place during the regular school term, Monday through Thursday. JWCC emergency or weather related school closings and holidays are observed in Open Learning.
Where is Open Learning instruction available?

Open Learning instruction is available at the Quincy Campus, as well as the following locations:

  • Southeast Education Center
    Pittsfield IL.
  • Mt. Sterling Education Center
    Mt Sterling, IL.
    217.773.4411 x2555

Hours at each of the centers may vary.