Is Open Learning for Me?


  • You pace your learning within the framework of the traditional term.  That is, you can take more time to master one particular unit or less time to master another, depending on the amount of your prior knowledge in the area.  
  • You are scheduled to meet with your instructor at times that are convenient to you, provided the instructor is available.

Maybe not............


  • People often tend to put off tasks for which there are not prearranged deadlines.  Although Open Learning courses follow a regular college term and provide guidelines in the syllabus as well as pacing charts, there are often no specific deadlines within each course.  Because of this, some students put off work and do not pace themselves to have enough time to complete their course.
  • Because these courses are self-paced, they require independence and discipline. In traditional classrooms, the teacher often tells students what to do and when to do it.  In Open Learning courses, you are responsible for your learning. Monitor your learning and make sure you pace yourself to complete all course requirements.