Start a bachelor's degree

Get started the smart and affordable way at John Wood.  You can take some of the same general education and major courses as you would at any four-year school.  Starting at John Wood, you will enjoy small classes, a full range of programs and the complete college experience.  Plus, you will be able to transfer courses to a four-year institution and save a lot of money in the process!

Transfer Information from Career and Advising

How long does it take?

An associate's degree (Associate in Science- AS or Associate in Art- AA) is 64 semester hours. Taking classes full-time, this will take most students 4 semesters or two years to complete. There are options such as 8 week online courses and summer session that can help students complete the degree on a faster timeline. Of course, students taking classes part-time will take longer than 2 years to complete.

Your advisor will help you determine what class schedule will work best for you. See a specific transfer degree page for sample class/semester schedules.

Move Ahead

"Experience in the workplace can only take you so far - you need the education to move ahead. The business classes at John Wood are great because you talk about real-world situations, get knowledge in the field and practical ways to use it. All of my classes transferred and I'm working toward my bachelor's degree in organizational management at Hannibal-LaGrange University. Take the leap - once you see how convenient it can be, you'll continue!"

Tina Zanger AS Business '10
HR Manager, Broadcast Electronics