Student Ambassador Program

Are you a student interested in having a part-time job on campus? Are you the type of student that likes to be a leader on campus and showcase your school? If you answered yes to both of these questions then the Admissions Office wants you!

Student Ambassador Duties:

  • Help give tours to prospective students.
  • Help with recruitment events and travel to local schools with an Admissions Advisor.
  • Help with general office work to help with the recruitment of prospective students.
  • Help with phone recruitment in the evenings.

If you are interested in one or more areas listed above please fill out the application below.  Being a Student Ambassador is a great resume builder, and this is also a great way to get involved on campus!

Make sure to mark work-study on your FAFSA because why not get paid for being an ambassador.  If you have questions please contact Matthew Bilgri, Admissions Advisor at or by calling 217-641-4336.  

Personal Information

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Financial Aid

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Have you filed the FAFSA?:
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Past Experiences

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Student Ambassador Position Desired

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