A JWCC Student learning to work on a diesel engine.

Five Signs You’d Make a Great Diesel Tech

Diesel techs are in huge demand to service all forms of heavy equipment and trucks for transportation, construction and agriculture industries. Techs can be trained in a year or less and often receive job offers (starting at $40,000 or $20/hr.) prior to completing programs.

Five signs diesel technology could be for you:

1.People say you have detective-like qualities.

If others tell you that you have detective-like qualities, it is likely you will take pride in identifying issues and finding fixes, which is the first sign of a good diesel tech.

2.You’re a team player and pay attention to detail.

You are a good listener, focus on details and like working with others. Techs have to listen to what a driver or fellow tech says about what is going on with the vehicle to get it running again. Techs also share what they see and hear to diagnose issues such as air and fuel leaks, engine pressure and dozens more.

A student working on an engine.

3.Changes in technology don’t scare you.

Technology changes daily and vehicles run on varied systems, all of which need to be understood and mastered by diesel techs. If you can adapt quickly and catch on to new systems and technology, this career field is for you.

4.You are prompt and alert.

If you are known for always being on time,  you’ll fit in at any diesel shop. Schedules are tight and team members rely on each other to be ready to work.  Staying alert and aware of safety concerns is just as important, so if you are known for being prompt, cautious and observant, you will be a welcome member of any team.

5. ‘E’ is your honorary middle initial –representing Effectiveness and Efficiency.

When you tackle a project, you want to do it right the first time.  You identify the possible issues, evaluate how to fix them and get right to work to efficiently finish the task.

Learn more about JWCC’s one-year diesel technology program and the dozens of employers waiting to hire our grads HERE.