A tutor helping someone learn to read

Passionate about reading? JWCC Literacy Volunteers Needed!

In addition to the degree and certificate programs, John Wood Community College offers a successful tutoring program that is completely FREE to those who qualify.

An integral part of the tutoring program is the dedicated Literacy Volunteers from the community. The volunteers are the backbone of the Literacy program and  JWCC is always looking to add new volunteers to the ranks. (In fact, there is currently an immediate need for FIVE Literacy Volunteers at the Pittsfield campus!)


The role of an adult literacy volunteer tutor is multi-faceted. Many times, you will have great success with your adult learner.  Teenagers and adult non-readers often have many obstacles to overcome. They may come to the tutoring experience after having experienced many educational failures. The learners who face these barriers may find success with your guidance. As an adult literacy volunteer tutor, you will significantly impact the life of your adult learner.

While the primary concern of JWCC’s Literacy Program is to support the adult learner, you will be a more successful adult literacy tutor if your volunteer experience is rewarding. Before beginning, we recommend that you consider carefully whether becoming an adult literacy tutor is the right fit for you. To help you determine if this volunteer opportunity is a good fit, complete the following Tutor Self-Assessment.

Adult Literacy Volunteer Tutor Self-Assessment Survey

  1. Do I enjoy meeting and working with people?
  2. Am I really committed to adult literacy tutoring?
  3. Do I enjoy challenges?
  4. Am I patient?
  5. Am I motivated to learn from others as well as teach?
  6. Do I enjoy reading?
  7. Do I enjoy writing?
  8. Am I able to communicate clearly and effectively?
  9. Am I flexible and creative?
  10. Am I able to respect the confidentiality of my student’s confidences?

Now that you have completed the survey, what types of characteristics and skills did you see listed? Communication, Motivation, Patience, Commitment, Flexibility, Creativity, and Enjoyment.

These are the foundation of becoming a successful and effective volunteer literacy tutor. You did not have to say YES to every question. However, if you have said NO to at least half of the questions, you may wish to pass on this opportunity.

The characteristics listed are crucial to the success of the tutoring process. As you enter the tutoring process, you will need to tap into these qualities to assist your adult learner to reach their potential. JWCC’s trained Literacy team will be there to help you get trained and achieve success.

A tutor helping someone learn to read

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