Two healthcare workers on the job

WHY Healthcare?


1.1 million nurses needed by 2022

Job Security

  • The area’s population is aging and also focused on preventative care, so an array of healthcare workers are needed from clinics and convenient care to hospitals and nursing homes.
  • Baby boomers in the industry are retiring, leaving leadership opportunities and their jobs need to be filled.
  • Right now there are more nursing and related healthcare jobs open than there are people to fill them.

Make A DifferenceMedical Symbol

Few professions make a more profound and personal difference in the lives of others.

Healthcare May Be Your Path If You Like: 

LightbulbProblem Solving

   Caring for Others

  Meeting New People and Creating a Supportive Network

Science icon Science

Calculator iconMath

Just a Few Types of Duties in Healthcare

Change bandages

Remove sutures

Feed/clothe patients

Take vital signs

Record patient history

Code medical records

Schedule appointments

Assist in surgery

Administer medications

Healthcare workers on the job.

Careers In Healthcare

From nursing to medical office technology, pursuing any academic program connected to healthcare will provide endless options for a rewarding career.