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Why Should You Go to College?

A List of Some Known and Some Surprising Benefits

Many have received advice in their lifetimes, encouraging them to attend college or earn a post-high school certificate, but what is the actual benefit of doing so?

Does attending college really have the benefits that people say it does?

To be frank, yes. Attending college or earning a post-high school certificate does create major benefits for those that choose to pursue them.

Here’s a look at six reasons on how attending school can change your life.


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1. $650,000

A recent study by the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) found that Illinoisans who pursue a degree or certificate from John Wood Community College will make on average of $650,000 more in their lifetimes.

We repeat, Illinoisans who pursue a degree or certificate from John Wood will make on average $650,000 more in their lifetimes.

Attending school has a direct correlation to the amount of money one can expect to make. Does attending JWCC automatically mean you will be rich and successful? No, but it does mean that college graduates have more earning potential than those that didn’t go to school.


2. Job Satisfaction

The proof is in the numbers. Research shows that continuing your education past high school leads to significantly higher jobs satisfaction.  Sixty percent of people with a bachelor’s degree say they are highly satisfied at their work and their job is more than just a paycheck, compared to the 43% of high school graduates who say their job is to “just get them by.”

Do you honestly love your job?

John Wood Community College offers more than 60 degree programs and certificates, meaning you can pick a program tailored specifically to your interests and life goals.


3. Keeping up with the Competition

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More people than ever before are opting to attend college or earn a post-high school certificate. In the 1940s, only 13% of people made the decision to continue their education after high school. By 2018, that number had jumped to 67%.  Earning a college degree ensures that you can stay competitive through hardships: economic recessions, changing markets and shifting personal situations. Prepare for whatever the future holds by investing in yourself.


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4. Job benefits & perks

The odds of getting a job with health insurance, retirement packages and other vital benefits nearly double when a person working in the private sector has earned an associate degree. The added value can add significantly to the bottom line.


5. Developing your passions

Finding a field you are interested in and pursuing your studies there can lead to a lifetime of engagement. And it maybe easier to find a job in a field you are passionate about than you might think. One person’s passion is another person’s dreaded task. It’s all about perspective.


6. A Brighter Future for Your Family

A family of four

Going back to school also leads to unexpected benefits for your family. Studies have shown that when a parent goes back to school, parents are more likely to be involved in their children’s education. Making more money and having more job satisfaction leads to less stress, which allows parents to have more quality time with their families.



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