JWCC Institutional Waivers and Scholarships

A variety of institutional waivers and scholarships are available to prospective and returning students.  When applying for a waiver/scholarships you must submit the FAFSA as soon as possible after October 1 for the upcoming year. 

Academic/Leadership Talent Waiver.  Student must be a full-time student and have demonstrated academic achievement through high ACT/SAT score, class rank, and high school GPA. If awarded the student must maintain a certain GPA. These awards are not based on need.  We also have a leadership waiver for students who were highly involved in high school.  If you have demonstrated leadership achievement through your high school or community then the leadership waiver is for you! Every waiver recipient will be highly active in Student Life at JWCC. (Awarded through Admissions Office) (form)

Non-traditional Waiver.  Student must be adult or minority student possessing strong academic skills, financial need or a special circumstance. (Awarded through Admissions Office) (form

Fine Arts Waiver. 
Student must be involved with vocal or instrumental music.  The student must audition with the Music Department and participation in the Music program is required.  All awardees are determined by the music faculty.   (Awarded through the Music Department - 217-641-4998)

Athletic Waiver.  These awards are awarded by the athletic coaches of each respective sport.  Participation in intercollegiate athletics at JWCC is expected. (Awarded through the Athletic Department - 217-641-4976)

Student Support Services Scholarship.  Awards are based on qualifications for the Student Support Services program.  (Awarded through Student Support Services - 217-641-4343)

JWCC Foundation Scholarship Information.  Most general and program scholarships from the Foundation are awarded in the spring and are used the following academic year.  Applications become available in late December from the Foundation Office.