Military Tuition Assistance

For the majority of active duty military members, Tuition Assistance will cover 100% of tuition costs at JWCC. Each branch of service has established an annual cap for TA, as well.  Most JWCC students can expect TA to cover the cost of 4-6 courses annually. Check with your installation Education Center for details and to apply for tuition assistance.  See below for the 5 Steps for Military TA instruction sheet.

Reserve Component
Reserve component members are also eligible for TA under this policy; however, each service component has established specific guidelines, limits, and policies for their members that may be different than the typical active duty policy.  Before registering for any courses, reserve members should check with their local Education Services Officer (ESO) for specific information and full understanding of the limits of their TA coverage.   Reserve members are also encouraged to seek any employer tuition assistance programs that may lower their total out-of-pocket costs.


Five Steps for Processing Your Request for Tuition Assistance

1. Determine the paperwork you'll need. 

If this is your first time setting up TA, or if you have relocated to a new base, you may need some or all of the following documents in order to complete the TA process with your ESO. Please contact your ESO to determine which documents you will need, and follow these directions to locate them and print them out:

Registration Receipt  

2. Visit the Base Education Center

no later than 3 weeks prior to your class start date.

3. Complete the TA Form(s).

Please make sure to submit the proper number of forms:  Students taking more than one course can submit one TA form if all their courses have the same "start date". Students taking more than one course where the course start dates are different must submit a separate TA form for each class.

Army is DA 2171 Form

Air Force is AF Form 1227

Navy and Marines is Form NETPDTC 1560/3 (Application for Tuition Assistance)

Coast Guard is Form CG4147


Correct Course number and title

Start and End Dates for the course(s)

Billing address for invoices to be sent

If you need assistance with this information, contact Brenda Manis, JWCC Manager of Student Accounts.


Proper signatures from Education Services Officer (ESO) and Command Representative

Student signature

4. Send (FAX or MAIL) approved forms to JWCC prior to your course start date.

Fax copy of approved, completed TA form to 217-641-4191 (be sure you have the form set correctly in the fax machine)

Please do not send the Application for Tuition Assistance; this is not the approved form

If the Ed Center will fax the paperwork for you, please make sure they have done so

5. Allow 48 hours for JWCC to process the TA form, once it is faxed and follow-up if necessary.

If you do not receive a TA form confirmation email within 48 hours after you fax it, please follow up via email to Brenda Manis.  Please always include your full name and last four digits of your SSN so that we can best assist you.