Information for Veterans

Veteran's Certifying Official
Lisa Snodgrass

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Veteran's Programs

Certification for the US Department of Veterans' Affairs programs is provided by the Enrollment Services Center.  The certifying official works with veterans to assist them with the paperwork necessary for federal veterans' benefits as well as the Illinois Veterans Grant and Illinois National Guard Grant.  JWCC is approved as an eligible institution for the instruction of veterans, reservists, and dependents under Title 38 United States Code programs. State IVG and ING applications are available in the Enrollment Services Center.

Credit For Veterans

John Wood Community College will grant credit for military service, both active and reserve, based on recommendations of the American Council on Education and the Community College of the Air Force, when the granting of that credit is appropriate to the student's current educational goals. To receive credit for these courses, the student must present a copy of their DD 214 (Separation from Military Service), CCAF transcript or Joint Services transcript or other proof deemed to be acceptable by the Registrar.

Awards for Veterans

JWCC is approved as an eligible institution for the instruction of veterans, reservists and dependents under Title 38, United States Code programs by the Illinois State Approving Agency. Anyone who thinks he or she may be eligible for benefits may obtain information and application forms through the Registrar's Office. To be eligible for benefits, students must be enrolled in an eligible program, attend classes regularly and make satisfactory progress toward their educational goal. This means that a satisfactory GPA must be maintained and that the courses in which the student is enrolled will "reduce the number of credits needed to graduate or complete the program. For more information go to the GI Bill Benefits Website.

Illinois Veterans' Grant

This award will pay the full in-district tuition for Illinois veterans attending JWCC part-time or full-time. Any veteran who entered the armed forces as an Illinois resident and who served at least 12 months are returned to the State of Illinois within six months of separation may qualify for the Illinois Veteran's Grant. A copy of the discharge papers, DD-214, and proof of state residency must accompany the application for the award. Information and application forms may be obtained from the Registrar's Office or by filling out the Illinois Veteran Grant Application.

Illinois National Guard Grant

This award applies to tuition charged for attending JWCC part-time or full-time.  Eligibility requires that the recipient must be a member of the Illinois National Guard for at least one year and must continue to be a member for the duration of the grant. Information. Apply online at ISAC.

VA Work-study

A limited number of part-time positions are available on campus to students who are using VA programs. This program is not affiliated with campus or Federal Work Study. See the Veteran's Coordinator to apply. For more information go to the GI Bill Benefits Website.