Placement Testing

Why placement testing?

The Compass Placement Test helps your academic advisor to know what math and English classes you should take. This is an important step to get you started on the right foot. Do your best.

Select a placement testing date and submit the form below to sign up. Admissions application and all transcripts must be received and processed prior to placement testing.  If you can't make any of these we are happy to schedule an individual time for you to take your placement test.

Upcoming placement testing sessions: (all sessions begin at 5:30 p.m.)

January 5th, 14th or 19th

February 3rd, 16th or 25th

March 8th, 17th or 23rd

April 5th, 13th or 21st

May 5th, 17th or 25th




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What happens next? Time to register for classes. Schedule an appointment with advising.

Here is the full Registration Checklist.