Plus 50

John Wood has many opportunities in place to help adult students succeed at completing their degree or certificate. JWCC students are diverse in gender, ethnicity, and age. Did you know that 30.8% of JWCC students are over 25? 9.3% are over 40. The Plus 50 program has special classes and events to assist those age 50 and over.


Plus50 Program provided FREE technology courses to help students feel prepared for starting their education. Classes can cover basic computer use, email, internet, word processing, etc.


Plus50 Program has Open Houses to allow current and prospective students to come to campus, network with each other as well as faculty and staff. This provides an easy opportunity to ask questions, learn about opportunities and get to know other adult students as well as resources within the College.

Plus 50 also assists with Adult Visit Day. This casual event is for adults thinking about going back to school. Roundtable topics cover Time, Money and Results. Hear from JWCC experts as well as current students and alumni that can speak to the specifics of how they managed school with all of their other responsibilities.

Special Tuition Rate- Save 66%

John Wood Community College has a special tuition rate for residents of the JWCC District 60 years of age or older enrolling in credit courses.  The rate for 2015-2016 is $58 per semester credit hour.  This is 1/3 of the normal tuition rate! Additional courses fees may apply. 


For more information about any of these programs, please call Billy Shaffer, 217.641.4314.

Plus 50 grant is made possible by the American Association of Community Colleges.