Registered? What's next?

Once registered, it is important to prepared for the course(s).  Please be aware of the following:

1. Date payment is due.

2. How to purchase textbooks and the start date of course(s).

3. How to login to an online course.

Please feel free to download the Smart Start Reference Guide for answers and additional information. 

Below you will also find information on how to prepare for your course(s):


1. Login information will be sent via mail.  If you have problems with your login, please call the Help Desk at 217.641.4325.

2. Once you are logged into Blazernet look for the LaunchPad.  This provides you access to email, SOLAR, online classes, and tutoring services.

3. Your JWCC e-mail will be used as your teacher's primary way of communication. E-mail is set up as

4. SOLAR (Student Online Access to Records) allows you to access your schedule, billing, and grade information.

5. Library (online resources, interlibrary loan, and downloadable e-books)

6. 24/7 Online Tutoring

7. Online course access - This is where you will log in for your online course using either eCollege or Canvas, depending on your course.  (Most courses are in Canvas, but if your class schedule has an eC in the course it will be eCollege.)

8. Take advantage of Microsoft Office 365 with your 5 free downloads of Microsoft Office and 1 TB of cloud storage.

Do you have an ALEKS math course?

1. Purchase ALEKS packet.  ALEKS courses do not use a book but do require an access card from JWCC bookstore or

2. Go to to find your course code and ALEKS course information.

3. Go to to get started!

How to get books?

1. Buy your books before you start your class(es) at

2. You will be able to see all of your book listings with ISBN numbers. 

How do you pay for the course?

1. Bills are sent out starting in July for fall courses and November for spring courses.

2. A payment plan is available.  You can sign-up online by visiting our Business Office. (Click Business Office for direct access.)

3. Payment arrangements are due 10 days before the start of the course.


Make sure to download the Smart Start Reference Guide for more detailed information.