How Much Does JWCC Cost?

JWCC average cost only $500 per year


Cost comparison JWCC $500 average out of pocket cost

Pay it now (with cash or payment plan) or pay it later (loan with interest). 

Notice loans are not included in the above equation. Loans are only a tool to help pay what you owe, not to reduce your tuition or total cost. 

Don't forget to plan for books, too. (Cost per book ranges from $7 to $250.  Average cost per class is $120 - $150.) Look for used or rental options to save. 

*For 2018-2019 academic year in-district tuitionbased on 32 hours or 16 credit hours per semester. 
Tuition and institutional fees (in-district = $163/credit hour, online = $193/credit hour, out-of-district = $273/credit hour).
Fees vary based on lab, class and program. Tuition less average grants and scholarships for first time, full-time students 2017-2018 academic year.