First Year Experience Course

John Wood Community College now requires all incoming students that are enrolled in degree or certificate programs greater than 18 credit hours in length to take the College’s First Year Experience Course, better known as “FYE 101” or “Blazing Your Trail.” Students will take this course during the first eight weeks of their first semester at JWCC. Course material is intended to be valuable in fostering overall student success, assisting students in making campus connections, and improving retention. Course topics include but are not limited to:

  1. Make connections with peers, faculty, and staff at JWCC
  2. Awareness of JWCC Technology (student logins, passwords, system navigation, etc.)
  3. Understanding the campus resources available to JWCC students.
  4. Assisting students wanting to become in engaged in Student Life 
  5. Utilization and understanding of the college catalog and degree requirements
  6. Career Exploration/Assessment
  7. Information Literacy/Library Resources
  8. Financial Literacy
  9. Time Management & College Expectations

For more information regarding FYE 101, please contact your advisor!