Transferability of Courses

Course transferability is typically one of the most frequently asked questions that AA or AS students have. This is for good reason as the process can get confusing. Our Advising staff at JWCC can assist you with methods that will help ensure that you are taking the correct courses while attending JWCC and that your classes will transfer to your intended four-year institution. However, it is your responsibility as the student to work with the transfer school to ensure that courses taken will transition seamlessly into your next level of education. Tips that can assist with this process are:

  • Identify BOTH your intended major and transfer school as soon as possible. The sooner you are able to identify both, the sooner you are able to set an appropriate and concrete academic plan.
  • From the beginning of your stint as a college student, continually work with an Advisor at both JWCC and your transfer school of choice. The information you gather from both institutions professional staff will assist a great deal in formalizing proper course selection.
  • Try to work with the same Advisor throughout your JWCC career.

Transfer Resources

JWCC works hard to build and maintain close relationships with each of our transfer partners. We have a number of articulations, which your Advisor can reference, that have been designed to help you through experience a smooth transition beyond JWCC. This page is dedicated to providing you some resources that will assist in that process.

JWCC Top Transfer Institutions

I-Transfer & U-Select

I-Transfer & U-Select are tremendous resources that are designated to help you in your education journey. Both community colleges and four-year schools from several states use these databases which are continually updated. This is a great place to determine exact course equivalencies as well as become more familiar with the transfer process as a whole.