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Join Eric and Bridget as they banter about John Wood Trail Blazers. They’ll let you know what’s going on around campus and interview special guests, all while being their charming selves! #goblazers #Trailblazerstrong

Eric and Bridget want to provide another connection between John Wood and the community. This idea came about because of the pandemic, but hopefully its usefulness will expand beyond these “unprecedented times.”

Find the newest episode wherever you get your podcasts. Settle in and prepare to be schooled!


“I couldn’t believe this got approved!” Teresa Bertelli, JWCC Counselor

“I definitely learned something…I’m just not sure what.” Rob Hodgson, JWCC Support Services Director

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  • Food for Your Brain September 23, 2020
    The theme of the day is transferring! Eric and Bridget cover how to transfer away from John Wood. Matt Bilgri talks about transferring into John Wood.  Andrew Happekotte talks about it all! Extra Credit is all about food; GBBO is back on Netflix and BBQ is king!  PSA: Pineapple contains bromelain Want to learn Eric's […]
  • Sports Banter September 9, 2020
    Eric and Bridget are joined by Athletic Director Brad Hoyt for this episode. Coach Hoyt talks about the exciting addition of eSports to the college lineup. What that means for the school and the students who get to play in the coolest room in the building. We also get an update on the other 7 […]
  • Help Us, Help You! August 26, 2020
    We're back! Thanks for sticking with us! Today, we are talking about Student Support Resources including TRIO SSS, Perkins, Disability Services, and Counseling. Whether you are at John Wood or not please seek out any resources that will help you, consider them  tools to help you fix any problems that come up. Extra credit: history […]
  • Back to School! August 10, 2020
    Welcome to the first episode of Blazer Banter! We start the school year with a message from President Mike Elbe. Our second guest is returning student, Sami Rochelle, who has some words of wisdom about being successful in college. It's a whole episode of firsts-with our first Dad Joke and our first Extra Credit assignment. […]