Return Policy

 John Wood Community College


1)      Return of textbooks must be made by the term's last day to drop classes with 100% refund for a full refund of texts in any and all semester class sessions scheduled for 3 weeks or more.

The following are the last dates to return texts for this semester:

1.a) SPRING first 8 weeks class session starting JAN 16        JANUARY 19, 2018

1.b) SPRING16 weeks class session starting JAN 16             JANUARY 26, 2018

1.c) SPRING12 weeks class session starting FEB 12              FEBRUARY 23, 2018

1.d) SPRING second 8 week class session starting MAR 19     MARCH 23, 2018 


NOTE: Return of textbooks for class sessions scheduled for less than 8 weeks are subject to the approval of the Bookstore Manager.

 2)      Textbook returns will only be accepted on textbooks sold as course material for the current semester.

 3)      Textbooks purchased in “new” condition must be returned in “new” condition.  Text(s) must be free from writing, highlighting, water damage, torn or creased pages or covers. 

 4)      Student must be enrolled for the course in the current term or officially dropped in the current term in the college’s computer system to receive a refund.

 5)      Textbooks sold as packages must be returned with all components (ex: disks, CD’s, study guides,access codes not accessed, shrink wrap intact, etc.). 

 6)      Student who has a class that is cancelled has the same return privilege as outlined in item #1 above for a full refund.

 7)      All textbook returns are subject to the approval of the Bookstore Manager.

 8)      Student who received textbooks on Financial Aid (PELL, Student Loan, etc.) will have student account credited.

 9)      Student who received textbooks by payment of a third party payer will have the student’s funding agency credited.

 10)  If returned books were paid by credit card, the return will be made to the same credit card. Credit card is needed to process the return.

 11)  If returned books were paid by cash or check, a Bookstore refund check will be issued. If payment was made by check, Bookstore will not issue refund check until student’s check has cleared for payment (normal time – 2 weeks from purchase date).

 12)  No returns will be processed without a receipt or proof of purchase. 




 Check our Buy back page for dates, times, and additional buy backs.