Behavioral Intervention Team 

The BIT is a multidisciplinary team that meets regularly to serve five major functions for the College:

  1. Provide consultation and support to employees in assisting students who display concerning or disruptive behaviors 
  2. Gather information to assess situations involving students who display concerning or disruptive behaviors 
  3. Recommend appropriate intervention strategies or disciplinary sanctions 
  4. Connect students with needed campus and community resources, and 
  5. Monitor ongoing behavior of students who have displayed disruptive or concerning behavior.

The overall goal of the BIT is to promote a safe college environment for all students and employees focused on student learning and student development.

By encouraging all members of the campus community to report behaviors that are concerning, the BIT will be able to reach out to students to intervene, provide support, and connect them with resources that can assist them.

As such, the BIT asks that the campus community report concerning, “red flag” behaviors. A “red flag” behavior is a questionable, suspicious, or inappropriate behavior that may be presented through a student’s appearance, spoken or written words, or specific actions.

To submit a report to the BIT, click here.