Jeanne Clery Act


A written copy of this report is available by contacting the
Campus Police Department at 217.641.4290

John Wood Community College and the Campus Police Department are committed to providing the highest level of quality campus law enforcement services to the JWCC campus community.

JWCC and the Campus Police Department recognize the extreme value in the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act and have developed these procedures to maintain compliance.

The Campus Police Department prepares, publishes, and distributes to all current JWCC students and employees, and to any applicant for enrollment or employment, via the Campus Police Department web site and, upon request in writing, the Annual Security Report.  The report contains information respective to the Campus Police Department policies and procedures, and campus crime statistics.

The Campus Police Department takes several steps to ensure that required crime statistics are compiled accurately and completely for the most recent calendar year as well as the three preceding calendar years. The Chief of Police is primarily responsible for compiling the annual crime statistics report.

The Chief communicates, at least annually, with Records Office personnel from the local law enforcement agencies who have concurrent jurisdiction with JWCC and the JWCC Vice President for Student Services, to collect required crime statistics data.

The Chief sends an annual campus-wide email notice asking for all JWCC employees, who are considered campus security authority, to report any information on campus crime statistics that were reported to them during the year.

Annual Security Report

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