Career Services offers one-on-one assistance free of charge to the John Wood Community College public. For more information please call 217-641-4941.

There are also resources available to create a resume from scratch. To view different  types and styles of resumes, select the samples in the right column.  There are 3 basic styles Chronological, Functional, and Combination resumes.

Basic Guide

Use this general outline to help organize the information you will be presenting to an employer. Check out the other samples online. 

a. Name & Contact Information: (include your email if you check it often).

b. Objective or Profile: Include a specific position title if you are narrowing your search. You may want to summarize your skills and talents in a profile/summary so employers can "see" how you could fit into various positions.

c. Experience: list work history in reverse-chronological order and include: job title(s), name & location of employers, date(s) worked, and a specific summary of duties.

d. Education: List in reverse-chronological order, the name and location of the institution, type of degree, academic majors/minors, graduation date, and GPA (if it is high!). Other information may include honors or significant coursework. If education is your strongest selling point, move this section to the top of your resume, above experience.

e. Other Sections: computer skills, activities/organizations, etc.