Conduct & Safety

Classroom/Campus Conduct

JDUB Academy students must meet program standards of good conduct and behavior while on the John Wood Community College campus and at every class meeting. This means courteous attention, good manners and careful handling of equipment being used. This is a college campus and disruptive behavior is not allowed. Students must follow the instructions given to them by the teacher or a staff member.  Failure to follow this code of conduct may result in dismissal with no refund from the JDUB Academy program. Parents are responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing any equipment that their child might damage or break, either intentionally or through reckless behavior.

Disclaimer: JDUB Academy reserves the right to change instructors or classrooms, if necessary.


The safety of children is a primary concern of JDUB Academy. Students must be escorted to and picked up promptly from their class location each day. Drop-offs are not permitted. All parents must use the designated entrance in front of the building.