The opportunity to volunteer should be available to everyone regardless of income.  Therefore, you may request reimbursement for certain out-of-pocket expenses if they create a hardship for you.


Upon request, RSVP will reimburse you for travel expenses between home and the volunteer station when using your personal vehicle.  There is a $25.00 limit per month.  You must have the volunteer time and expense report signed by the station supervisor where you were volunteering. 

If you do not drive, the RSVP staff can arrange for public transportation, which is also reimbursable upon request.  Taxi fares are not reimbursable unless you have received prior approval from the RSVP office.


If you are volunteering over a meal time, you may request reimbursement for the meal.  To collect meal reimbursement you must attach the meal receipt to your volunteer report and the report must be signed by the volunteer station supervisor.  There is a limit of $7.50 per meal.


When you enroll in RSVP you will be provided insurance that covers you while traveling from home and back and during your volunteer time.  The insurance coverage shall be in excess of and non contributing with any other valid and collectible insurance you have.  In other words, the accident and excess liability coverage are intended to provide higher levels of insurance for you, starting where your own insurance coverage stops.  They are excess, not primary coverage.  This is true, too, for personal liability; if you are not covered by personal liability insurance, the RSVP personal liability insurance becomes the primary insurance with no deductible. 


When you enroll with RSVP, you will receive a name badge that identifies you as an RSVP volunteer.  You should wear this during your volunteer assignment.

A recognition banquet is held once a year where awards are given to honor volunteers for their years of service with RSVP.  In order to receive an invitation to the event and attend free of charge, you must have submitted at least twenty-four hours of volunteer service on a report to the RSVP office during the previous twelve months.  Other volunteers and guests may attend the meal for the cost of the meal.

Other events may be held throughout the year to recognize volunteers as decided by the RSVP staff when resources are available.